Terms of Use

Terms booking – what to know about your rates and validation.

Please read the following booking conditions and cancellation to avoid problems and misunderstandings.

Room rates

  • Prices vary according to season and special offers.
  • Prices are per room per day.
  • All prices quoted in price list of accommodation presented in Euros and include all taxes. These values may be modified during the season without further notice.

Reservations made via e-mail

  • If the reservation is made via e-mail will force the price indicated on the day of ratification of the reservation.
  • If your credit card details are incorrect or not authorized by the bank, then the reservation will be canceled immediately.
  • For your room you must give us your name, card number and expiration date as listed on your credit card.
  • The booking reservation is confirmed if the agreed deposit will be done.The deposit is non-refundable.We will send send you back an e-mail with, the booking confirmation with your name and a receipt of the value, of the deposit.
  • The remaining amount will be paid upon arrival at the hotel.
  • A photo or a scan of your card and your passport or ID, is necessary to find out that the credit card belongs to the right owner.

Terms of arrivals and departures

  • Time of arrival in the room 24h a day
  • Departure from the room until 12:00

In order to avoid problems we recommend you to book your room 2 days earlier.


  • Please inform us of any changes or cancellations as early as possible to avoid further charges.
  • At cancellation is valid by the e-mails agreement.
  • The deposit is non-refundable

Personal data

  • The protocol SSL encrypts all information exchanged during the transaction through our server to be secure your transaction.
  • Your personal data will be secure, all European agree protocols on personal data apply.