Knossos is the site of the most important and widely known palace of Minoan civilization.

According to tradition, Knossos was the palace of the legendary King Minos. The palace, known worldwide as the Palace of Knossos, is part mythical legends of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur and the story of Daedalus and Icarus.

The area was inhabited since the Neolithic period to the Roman era. It was mentioned as  the city ” ko-no-so” in the Linear B tablets of the 14th century BC

The habitation was more intensified during the Minoan period, when the first famous palaces (19th-17th centuries BC) and second palaces (16th-14th centuries BC) were built on Crete along with other buildings such as houses and luxury homes. After the partial destruction in 1450 BC, Knossos was colonized by the Mycenaean Greece. The city flourished again during the Hellenistic period (temples of owls and Demetrius, mafsoneia, northern cemetery and defensive fortifications) and 67 BC paid by the Romans. The House of Dionysos is a private home with excellent mosaic built the same Roman period.